April 25th - 26th

Junior Individual Events (JBS, JGS, JBD, JGD)

April 27th - 28th

Junior Team Events (JBT, JGT)

April 27th - 29th

Cadet Individual and Team Events (CBS, CGS, CBD, CGD, CBT, CGT)


  • JBS and JGS will be played according to the 2018 Directives
  • CBS and CGS will be played in two stages. All matches best of 5 games.


  • JBD, JGD, CBD, CGD will be played in KO basis (best of 5 games).

Team events:

  • will all be played in two stages, all matches best of 5 games.
  • Junior Team format: New Swaithling Cup system
  • Cadet Team format: Corbillon cup system

If schedule permits, consolation will be played.