A word from the Mayor of Metz

In Metz, people are keen on sports. Thousands of them do one on a regular basis and the 20,000 members of a club represent this sport dynamics on the territory. The Metz TT table tennis players are the perfect example! Ranking 1st in the Lorraine Region, the club has numerous very-high-level players who have been winning more and more national and international titles for the past few years. Future professional table tennis players also benefit from an excellent training and school education provided by the training centre. It is a model for everyone.

The Table Tennis International Federation has entrusted Metz TT with the organisation of one of the 8 PREMIUM World Circuit (Circuit Mondial Premium) stages, which will take place from 24 to 29 April 2018. As a Mayor, it is a pride for me to host this major competition which allows Metz to be known worldwide. It is bound to be an exciting event for the public as well as for the players. A warm thank you to the club managers and all the volunteers for contributing to this significant event.

Dominique GROS

The Mayor of Metz
Departmental adviser of the Moselle

A word from the Moselle Department President

Land of sports and challenges, The Moselle Department offers everyone the opportunity to do a sport/activity of their choice.

It also facilitates a "performance network", notably with the Moselle Sport Academy (Moselle Sport Académie), and is the privileged partner of national-and-international-scale events.

This year again, we are delighted to host the Juniors Premium World Circuit (Circuit Mondial Premium Juniors) as a major event which brings together the best international young table tennis players.

The Grand Est League (Ligue Grand Est), the Departmental Committee (Comité Départmental) and Metz TT have handled a perfect organisation, helped by their highly committed volunteers thanks to whom the players and the public can enjoy excellent playing conditions and a great show.

I am convinced that this event will take place in a healthy, sporting and welcoming atmosphere.

Along with the clubs, the athletes, the club managers and the youth, we are building a "Borderless Moselle" ("Moselle Sans Limite"), symbolised by our new brand "MOSL".

Good luck to all the athletes and welcome to Moselle.
Patrick WEITEN

Welcome to all the young table tennis players from all around the word for this 8th edition of the Table Tennis Juniors World Circuit. The Grand Est Region is proud to host the major table tennis event of the year and the most enriching one for our region.

Thanks to the Premium label, it is one of the ten most prestigious and high-level table tennis competitions all around the world. It is not only an official acknowledgment of the organiser's know-how, but also a quality assurance for all the players.

The Metz TT club, the Grand Est League (Ligue Grand Est) and the Departmental Committee (Comité Départemental) are working hand in hand together once again to offer ideal playing conditions to the athletes and high level games to the public.

On this occasion, I want to pay tribute to the numerous partners who are making this competition possible.

I am also grateful to the organisers and the highly committed volunteers who have been working for several months to ensure the success of this sport event, which is the result of their unfailing involvement.

Good luck to everyone and may this Juniors World Circuit new edition be a great success.

Grand Est Region President

A word from the President of the French Federation

It is now well-known that the Open de France cadets-juniors is THE unmissable Grand Est event for the young European and even worldwide elite. This 2018 edition is not an exception. Indeed, the Metz Saint Symphorien sport facility will be once again the witness of the young table tennis players' determination. They are decided to do their best in order to see their names appear on the WJC first stage winners' list.

The organising committee, which is made up of the Moselle Departmental committee and the Metz TT club, is now well established. Supported by volunteers who have been loyal to this competition from day one, with the same enthusiasm, this efficient and operational team will once again prove its know-how. Without any doubt, this five-day event will make you want to come back.

Come and support the future champions in this crucial step!

On behalf of the Table Tennis French Federation, I want to say welcome to all the represented countries and wish them good luck and success in the Open de France cadets-juniors.

Christian PALIERNE
President of the FTTA

A word from the presidents of the organizing committee

Welcome to Metz for this new edition of the France junior and cadet Open! We are delighted to welcome you for the 8th edition organised in the complex Saint Symphorien, which most of you are starting to know very well. Once more, the local club, the county committee of Moselle and the Grand Est League (Ligue du Grand Est) have joined their forces to propose you 5 high-level competition days.

We are particularly proud that the International and the French Table Tennis associations have renewed their trust for this stature organisation. As a matter of fact, we know that we will be in charge of its organisation until 2020, therefore allowing us to celebrate the 10th edition together!

This year, we are delighted to greet the China team for the first time, which strengthens the Asian delegations who take traditionally part in this event.

This is a great reward for all the organisation staff who are fully dedicated to comply with the particularly demanding specifications related to a premium event.

Besides the great deal of work it involves, keeping this label is a priority for us.

For the 2018 edition, a team of numerous and experienced volunteers have helped us to manage more than 230 players coming from nearly 31 countries, one hundred coaches and official referees. We want to thank them warmly for all the work carried out during this week. Indeed, each volunteer is a key stakeholder in this organisation.

A big thank you also to our partners, institutional and private, who are always present beside us. Without them we could simply not organise such events.

To finish with, we wish you excellent sporting results and also a good stay in Lorraine, in Moselle and in Metz.

Good competition to all of you.

President of the table tennis region of Grand Est

Françoise NOMINE
President of the table tennis county of Moselle

Philippe BORDES
President of the table tennis club of Metz